Life as a Widower

A young widowed father opening up about living with loss

Media coverage

Since launching this blog in January 2013, I have written features for a number of national newspapers and supplements including the Guardian, Sunday Times Style, Sunday People, and the SunYou can access each by clicking on the linked titles.

I have also appeared on several TV and radio programmes including ITV’s This Morning and BBC Breakfast. Each can be accessed via the blog’s YouTube channel.

2 comments on “Media coverage

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  2. Catherine Smith
    May 13, 2014

    Ben, we met briefly yesterday in the Green Room at Broadcasting House, shortly before you were interviewed on Woman’s Hour. Just wanted to say, you were very kind in letting me dump my used tea-bag in your empty cup…. and that your interview was very moving; your lucid and dignified responses to the questions about coping with such a traumatic situation made me, and I’m sure thousands of others, think about how our society really hasn’t got its act together re supporting the bereaved – especially when a death is as sudden and shocking as your lovely wife’s. With very best wishes, Catherine

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