A story of grief by a man and a boy

love insurance

‘I can’t afford this life insurance, Benji,’ my wife, Desreen, said just eight months before she was killed.

‘Why don’t you get the cover now and I’ll do it later when the money starts coming in?’ she suggested as we sat discussing life insurance in a meeting with our financial advisor.

‘Okay, great idea,’ I replied sarcastically, ‘so if I die you’re sitting pretty with my personal life insurance and death in service through work, but if anything happens to you, I’m screwed?’

She giggled naughtily behind her hands, pretended to start spending the money in her head, then conceded and signed the papers. We, like so many new parents, both assumed we were throwing our money down the drain either way. How wrong we were.

2 comments on “love insurance

  1. Hugi
    June 2, 2016

    How true ! Though I do not care about the money now, just month after I lost my wife to cancer. I have to admit. My wife took care of me and my daughter even after her being gone (: . Which makes me longing her even more. I do not care about the money I want her back. We were like yourself in our thirties and not even considering leaving this world for the next 50 years , yet we took life cover for our new house plus doubled the amount just in case. I wish I never had to claim those money. After being with her for 20 years I am a bit (or big time) lost without her. I can’t even find anyone to understand me. Hate those “you will be ok, you have to be strong, time will … bla, bla ” and so on… . Why do I even write here. Fuck.

  2. KBR
    June 6, 2016

    I remember reading a news article not long after your wife’s passing about how you and your son were coping. Your story has akways stayed with me and I often thought about you over the next two years, wondering about how you are doing and sending you both silent prayers.

    I have a four year old daughter hence your tragedy really hit home. I live in Southern Africa, am an asian, muslim working mum. Just wanted to say that my heart and prayers really go out to you and your son from across the seas. Wish I could make it better. You seem like such a good dad. Keep strong for your little boy. We are all rooting for you.

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