A story of grief by a man and a boy

london marathon

Six weeks tomorrow a friend and I will run the London Marathon to raise funds for a child bereavement charity called Grief Encounter. I could write all day about how much they have helped my son and me since my wife was killed in November 2012. I could also dress up as a gorilla, dye my hair green or promise to shave my head for donations. Instead, I simply ask that you watch and share this film to better understand why we are pushing ourselves to our absolute physical limits to support this extraordinary organisation.

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. I’m so moved by the kindness everyone continues to show. Now please take five minutes to learn more about Grief Encounter.

4 comments on “london marathon

  1. Shelley
    March 1, 2014

    Thank you as ever Ben for finding the words about such a hidden and difficult subject especially as a dad.Your humour, turn-of-phrases and honesty has given many comfort, raised levels of empathy and also inspired action. It is a rare person in their times of deep despair who can think of others or find the energy to help others. We are glad you chose to write rather than dress up as a gorilla.
    Shelley and Vicky and all at Grief Encounterx

  2. Lorraine
    March 1, 2014

    This must have been an incredibly difficult film to make and thank you for doing it and raising awareness for this charity. I have not lost someone in my family but a pupil at my school died a few years ago, very unexpectedly and it was one of the hardest times I have had to deal with as a head teacher. I hope your training goes well and you raise a bundle of money for this great cause. Best wishes.

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  4. handikwani02
    March 1, 2014

    Thanks ever so much Ben for this video clip, one can not help but feel to a certain degree what you are having to deal and cope with and yet the same time one realises what an amazing person you are. Like I said in my other comments before Ben is very fortunate to have you as a dad and a role model. Every time I read your blogs I am left very inpsired. I wish you all the best in your training and for the marathon you have certainly motivated me to be one of the supporters of griefencounter.

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